Shoreditch Oktoberfest is NOT your typical Oktoberfest. If all you want to do is sit down all evening and sip on beer, this is not the party for you

The focus of each "show" will be on


 An amazing live Oompah band, DJs, a German Breakdancing troupe, Street Magicians and many other performers taking the stage.

 Our host with the most, Herr Fuckner Wankmuller overseeing proceedings in his unique, inimitable style. Hold on to your Alpine hats, you're in for one hell of a ride!


 If your planning a leisurely evening, sipping on you beer, quietly chatting with your mates, we'll be ripping you out of your comfort zone

 Expect to be on your feet, dancing, laughing along with the rest of the crowd, and up participating in competitions.

 Think Oktoberfest, meets the Rio Carnival, meets the best party you've ever been to!


 We want to suck you into the wild, wacky, wondrous world of Shoreditch Oktoberfest. Our custom-made decor, lighting and production elements will enhance the fun, festive mood of the event.

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day 1
Fri 22nd sept
sold out
day 2
sat 23rd sept
sold out
day 3
Fri 29th Sept
day 4
sat 30th Sept

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